Announcement from Andrew Sutton, founder and director of Untied Utilities

At Untied Utilities, our aim has always been to help businesses take the hassle out of keeping their energy costs as low as possible while managing commercially viable and sustainable energy consumption.

We have worked tirelessly to create a commercial energy service that is environmentally responsible with breakthrough innovation and platforms that meet our clients’ organisational needs.

The ever-changing energy landscape requires continuous service development and innovations, and with a new wave of technologies and purchasing strategies on the horizon, the Untied Utilities team feel now is the right time to pass on the privilege of supporting the many businesses in our portfolio.

As such I am delighted to announce that Untied Utilities has agreed commercial terms with Beond Group who will take on the mantel of being your dedicated energy provider.

Beond Group are an established utility broker and consultant who have a fantastic reputation within the energy industry. They have won the prestigious Energy Broker of the Year category at the annual Energy Awards for the last two years running, the only company to ever retain this title. They have also been nominated again for this award this year with the result known in December 2017. They have been nominated for over 20 awards in the last 3 years winning many, which shows they are a highly capable and recognised consultancy.

Most importantly however, is that I know that Beond Group share the same values as Untied Utilities. Their three values as a business are Integrity, Quality and Innovation; three values intrinsic to the way Untied Utilities has operated since day one.

As much as I am sad to be passing on the baton, I am incredibly pleased that we have ensured our standards, values and support levels will not drop in our absence. Indeed, I believe Beond Group’s people orientated software approach will add even more value and take the service to the next level.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for your support over the years, and as I will be taking on a more ambassadorial role to support the transition over to Beond Group, I am sure I will see many of you soon.

Kindest regards

Andrew Sutton


A note from Alastair Hutson, Managing Director of Beond Group

On behalf of Beond Group I am delighted to pick up the mantel from Andrew and all the team at Untied utilities. Beond Group are aware of the high standards set by Untied Utilities and truly believe we can continue to deliver a quality service, highly competitive energy supply prices as well as wider support on water, energy and carbon matters.

We take client satisfaction very seriously here at Beond, which is underpinned by our vision; ‘to help our clients achieve their ambitions’.

Those ambitions could be to reduce energy costs, consumption or carbon, or simply to not have to deal with energy at all and focus on your core activities. Whatever your ambitions are we will work hard to give you the support you and your organisation requires. We will be your personal outsourced energy services provider.

We really do look forward to working with you to ensure we control and manage your utility costs effectively, and we look forward to helping you achieve your ambitions.

Alastair Hutson